When it comes to insurance, there are two general types of insurance. There’s business insurance and personal insurance. The second category is one that involves you, as a person, and the things that matter most to you.

We have a long history of serving both business and personal coverage needs for the state of New Jersey. Fifty years, in fact. During that time, we’ve held to our core principles of providing professional agents who deliver personal service time after time. That’s why we believe we’re the best choice for your personal coverage needs no matter where you are in New Jersey.

Why Individuals and Families Need Type of Insurance Coverage?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Everyone needs it. Many people, though, don’t fully understand what specific types of coverage they need or how much coverage will serve them best. Working with an independent agency to learn the right balance of value and coverage is the best way to go. Independent agencies aren’t limited to one, or even a handful of, insurance providers. That means they can explore every option for you to secure an affordable quote for rates that never sacrifices service.

Types of Insurance Coverage for Personal Needs?

There are many different types of personal insurance coverages available, and it’s prudent to know your options. These are among the most common types of personal insurance available today. Some of them are more necessary than others.

Home Insurance – This includes homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, and condo insurance. Homeowner’s and condo insurance can be purchased to help cover the costs of repairing or replacing the structure as well as the contents of your home. Renters’ insurance only covers the content of the home. All three offer some degree of general liability coverage.

Auto Insurance – If you own a car in the state of New Jersey, you’re legally required to have some auto insurance coverage on your vehicle. Minimum coverage will satisfy the letter of the law, but you really need more coverage than that. Make sure you discuss your driving history, the distances you drive, and your dependence upon an operation vehicle with your insurance agent to find a plan that will meet your needs best.

Umbrella Insurance – We live in a litigious society that’s growing more so by the day. Umbrella coverage kicks in when your existing liability coverage is exhausted. It provides coverage over and above general liability coverage amounts to protect your assets in the event of an award that exceeds your coverage.

Antiques Insurance – You work hard to build a collection of things you love. You’ve also invested plenty. Protect that investment with a detailed inventory (complete with recent appraisals) of your collection and adequate insurance coverage to repair or replace lost items.

Boat Insurance or Watercraft Insurance – Whether you have a 90-foot sailing yacht or a small fishing boat to troll around the harbor on the weekend, your boat is your escape from the world. Insurance covers not only offers protection to replace or repair your boat in the aftermath of an accident, but helps to protect your assets if you’ve ever sued for actions taking place in your boat, on your jet ski, etc.

Classic Car or Antique Car Insurance – This is different from traditional auto insurance. Unlike modern cars, classic cars do not depreciate over time. In fact, they tend to grow more valuable through the years. Classic car insurance takes this into account as well as “agreed upon” values for custom auto parts you add to the car during the restoration process. Additionally, because of the high value and extenuating circumstances surrounding antique cars, insurance on these vehicles often limit the number of miles you can drive them in a given month.

Jewelry Insurance – Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t typically cover high value items like jewelry. You’ll need an additional policy in order to adequately protect the investment you’ve made in your jewelry collection (as well as individual pieces). Like antiques insurance, you’ll need to have a detailed inventory of your jewelry as well as any supporting documents (price tags, appraisals, etc.) in an areas that’s easy to access in the event of a robbery or other covered event.

Motorcycle Insurance or ATV Insurance – These machines are serious business for those who love them – even if the business is endless hours of play. If you own either of these machines you want to make sure you not only have the standard liability and collision coverages to replace and repair your machines and others that may be damaged, but also medical payments insurance and insurance to cover aftermarket parts and upgrades you purchase for them.

Flood Insurance – Floods are unpredictable forces of nature that leave a wide swath of destruction and devastation in their paths. Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover flood damage to the structure of your home or its contents. You’ll need to purchase an additional policy to cover both.

Motor Homes Insurance – Whether you have an RV, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, motorhome insurance is important. Coverage for your motor home will vary depending on if you live in it permanently or just stay in it intermittently or seasonally.

Other types of personal insurance you might want to consider purchasing include:

  • Custom Auto Insurance
  • Dwelling fire insurance
  • Fine arts insurance
  • Wedding insurance
  • And more!

It’s important to make sure the things that bring you joy in life are covered appropriately so that you can repair or replace them if or when disaster strikes.

That’s why it’s so important to discuss your unique situation and needs with an independent insurance agent – to reduce the risk of buying inadequate coverage for your actual insurance needs.

Why Buy Your Personal Coverage from Us?

In addition to our 50 year history serving the business and personal needs of New Jersey residents, our status as an independent agency means that we can help you get affordable and comprehensive insurance plans whatever your needs may be.

Visit us online for a free quote today and see just how low our rates can be. You’ll find that the service we offer is far superior to what you get from cheap call center companies that are less inexpensive, in the end, than they seem at first glance.