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Directors & Officers Liability 

What is Directors and Officers Coverage?

Directors and officers within business organizations are at the mercy of regulatory and legal changes in their business environment. Without the protection of directors and officers insurance coverage, your personal, private, and business assets are at risk in the event of a lawsuit.

This is a highly specialized coverage that offers protection to directors and officers of businesses and not-for-profit organizations against the costs of legal defense as well as settlements and judgments, according to the individual policy.

Actual or alleged acts, breach of duty, misstatements, neglect, errors or omissions committed by an officer or director involved in criminal, civil, or regulatory proceedings are covered with directors and officers liability insurance in accordance with the policy terms.

The cost of a trial alone is substantial and not one many businesses or individuals can easily bear. Insurance coverage that provides for legal defense expenses alone is worth its weight in gold in even that one lawsuit is filed against you.

Why Trust Us with Your D&O Liability Insurance Business?

There’s no denying how necessary liability insurance is in the world today. Whether it’s regulatory issues, perceived wrongs, or completely frivolous lawsuits, businesses today, particularly those who hold key positions of leadership within those businesses, are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits.

Because we have a long standing history of insuring New Jersey businesses and understand just how vulnerable key personnel are in businesses today, we are the logical choice when it comes to directors and officers liability insurance. This experience, along with our commitment to offering professional agents who provide personal service at all times is what sets us apart from many other area agencies.

More importantly, we’re an independent agency that isn’t beholden to one specific insurer. That gives us the opportunity to carefully explore your options in order to find the best value in liability coverage available.

Visit us online today for your free, no obligation, rates quote. We offer more than affordable insurance and much more than you’ll get from so-called cheap insurance providers on the Internet whose inexpensive policies always end up costing more than you realize.


Important Notice
Any submissions or payments made via this website do not constitute a binding agreement to your policy or coverage(s). Changes and payments to policies are not effective or binding until you, or any party involved, receive official notice from either your insurance agent, or your insurance company. 


Directors and officers liability coverage (D&O) is an absolute must for leaders in the roles of directors and/or officers within their respective organizations. This type of coverage is available for individuals in Public Sector Jobs, Private Industry, and Not-For-Profit positions.

Any company with a advisory committee or corporate board should be protected by liability insurance for directors and officers.

We understand the rapid change of pace of businesses today and how regulations and laws turn on a dime. We also understand the very real financial risks and perils people in positions of powers, such as directors and officers, face in today’s business climate and litigious era. While there is little that a director and officer can do to lessen the complexity of the regulatory and legal environment in which he or she operates, directors and officers liability insurance can offer personal liability protection.

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