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Group Benefits


BHI Insurance Agency can serve as your trusted adviser in a comprehensive business insurance portfolio, including employee benefits, for companies throughout Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and New York. 

What Group Plans are right for my Business and Employees?

Group Vision

There are several different group vision plans from which to choose and depending on the one selected you get different levels of coverage. The most expensive for you and your employees is known as a “premier” plan, and provides the most generous coverage, including discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses.


For a lower premium, there are still excellent plans that include good coverage for basic exams and services. 

As with group health insurance, some group vision plans work with a preferred provider network, meaning there are incentives to use doctors listed within the plan. Increasingly, there are insurers who are developing partnerships with the most popular commercial eye care centers.


Group Dental

You can choose a preferred provider organization (PPO), a health maintenance organization (HMO) or a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP), among others. Each has its strengths and its restrictions. We will point out all of the details and advise you on a selection or a mix that can be offered to your employees based on their needs and your budget.

Group Disability

It’s estimated that one third of employees will experience a prolonged absence from work due to disability at some point in their careers. What’s more, a disability can be devastating, and if it isn’t work-related, it can bankrupt an individual, as it is not covered under workers compensation insurance. Furthermore, disability benefits under Social Security aren’t always available in a timely manner or to the extent that an employee needs it.


As an employer, you are in an excellent position to help your staff get that extra income protection they need in the case of disability. A group disability insurance policy is much more affordable than an individual disability policy. Many employers offer disability insurance as a voluntary benefit, meaning the employee pays the premiums but still at a group rate, depending on your company’s participation level.

Group Life

Group Life insurance allows you as an employer to provide quality coverage at affordable rates. It’s also an effective way to build up a complete menu of employee benefits. Group life benefits can be made up of one or more policy options, including group term life insurance and group whole life insurance. Our Tri-State Insurance Agency professionals can go through each option with you in detail.


Group term life insurance is a popular choice as it offers high levels of insurance for a specified amount of time at fairly low prices. It often appeals to younger employees who want to guard dependents against income losses that would be suffered in the event of the employee’s premature death. A group whole life, or permanent life, insurance policy covers a longer period of time, usually far into the insured’s old age. It typically builds cash value the longer it is held and paid and often can be used as collateral to borrow against.

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