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Livery insurance allows a vehicle to carry passengers for a fee and it is typically five to seven times more expensive than personal car insurance.

Livery Insurance

If you need to insure a limousine, an individual taxi or a fleet of taxicabs, it is important that you shop around to get the best insurance coverage and a great quote.  Most policies will offer public liability coverage.  Let us get you a fresh taxi insurance quote.  Let our experts work for you.

At BHI Insurance Agency we shop your Insurance Quotes to get the Best Rates for you.  We do this so that we can earn your business and make sure that you are able to be profitable with the right protection.  Don't Hesitate to get a free quote today!

As the owner a limousine service, you have many different responsibilities when it comes to insurance. First, you must protect your own financial interests. Next, you must consider your employees’ best interests. Finally, you need to consider what your customers have at risk.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The first and most obvious coverage that you'll need for your limo service is commercial auto insurance coverage. This will provide protection for damages to your fleet as well as bodily injury and property damage to your customers and other individuals who could be negatively impacted by your limos or drivers.

Commercial Property Insurance

Next you'll want to consider protecting the business property you have at your office or storefront. Commercial property insurance can pay for losses of both the building and the contents within as well as certain outside structures. It's important to note that commercial property insurance does not cover flood damage so you'll need to secure that policy separately if you are at risk.

Additional Liability Coverage

There are a few different types of liability coverage a limo service should consider. General liability insurance covers any lawsuit that your business faces from its client's, including for false advertising and slander. For even higher coverage limits, you can consider a commercial umbrella insurance policy, which adds an additional limit to all of your underlying liability policies.

In order to protect yourself and your employees you'll also want workers compensation insurance to pay for the medical expenses and lost wages of employees who are injured on the job. For additional protection you can secure employment practices liability insurance, which will cover you from lawsuits and judgments awarded for certain unintentional and inappropriate employment practices.

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